A unique internship opportunity with Yara and Wikborg Rein

Norwegian companies are facing enormous challenges, but also enormous opportunities. The same goes for us working within law.

The issues we are facing are transboundary, multidisciplinary and more complex than before. In Yara International and Wikborg Rein we are operating in this new reality.

We therefore launched Norway’s first international internship for law students, and are proud to offer you the opportunity once again.

During the program you will work at the intersection of international business and one of Norway’s leading law firms.

The program is open for law students in Norway who have started their third year.

Application period is from 13th January to 17th February 2022.

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We offer you:

  • 12- month program with 2 internship periods (September and January)
  • 4- 6 weeks periods with Yara International and Wikborg Rein
  • At least one period working abroad*
  • Working on international matters
  • Mentorship by experienced lawyers

     *subject to any Covid-19 restrictions

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