Field fertigation

A fertigation solution accessible for all farmers

As global leader in crop nutrition solutions, Yara recognizes that fertigation is key to helping the world’s growers produce more, with less. It’s field fertigation products – YaraRega and YaraTera CALCINIT - are designed specifically for all field irrigation systems and when used in combination, they can replace all other fertilizers, simplifying the entire fertigation process; and when our solution is used in a precision irrigation, it creates efficiencies in water and fertilizer use, increasing yield and reducing the need for more land.

Field fertigation infographic

What’s more, because YaraRega is a water-soluble fertilizer based on traditional compound NPKs, Yara’s solution is more affordable – making fertigation accessible to all farmers.

Watch the video below to learn more about our field fertigation solution:

Yara’s field fertigation solution - YaraRega and YaraTera CALCINIT

With over 100 years’ experience in the fertigation space, Yara has developed a two-product field fertigation solution which, in addition to delivering increased yield and quality, also contributes to sustainable farming by lowering carbon emissions and optimizing water and fertilizer use.


Yara’s technology has transformed granulated / dry product into a water soluble fertilizer, making it perfect for field fertigation systems and more cost-effective when compared to high-value products.


CALCINIT is a fully water-soluble fertilizer containing calcium and nitrogen, which is suited to application through all fertigation systems. A nutrition solution based on YaraRega and YaraTera CALCINIT can meet the changing needs of the crop over the entire growing season.

Yara's field fertigation solution - simple, accessible and efficient


Fully water soluble, can be used with any irrigation system and now, just two products can be used for all crops at all growth stages


YaraRega is based on traditional compound NPKs and is more cost-effective compared to greenhouse products


High-quality nutrients can increase yield and quality, while reducing waste, GHG emissions and reliance on natural resources