This is innovation in Yara

We work closely with farmers and industrial customers to deliver innovative solutions. We aim to discover new and novel ways to address some of the major global challenges of our time, and innovation is at the heart of who we are. Watch this four-minute video and find out how.

No one can solve the world’s biggest problems alone!

Group of people in a meeting

We have a structured approach to innovation based on collaboration with external parties. This allows us to identify opportunities that respond to modern threats and global problems.

  • We support students, young inventors and early stage ideas by providing them with an ideation platform and rewarding the most promising solutions.
  • Collaboration with external partners and research institutes helps us uncover innovative and sustainable ways to deliver on our mission and vision.
  • Yara’s Research and Development centers work to improve our core capabilities and explore new, disruptive solutions for our business and for society.