How to use the CMS

Our Contract Management System (CMS) helps us collaborate with you, our suppliers. It allows us to build, issue and evaluate sourcing events via a secure online solution. The system also provides insight into the contracts that we have completed with you.

Watch the videos or download the documents below to learn how to use CMS successfully. Once you have received your invitation and registered, you can access the system here: Yara's Contract Management System.

Log in and navigate

Let's start with the basics. Here's a short video explaining how to log in and navigate through the CMS dashboard.

Answering RFIs and RFPs

Would you like to know how to access and respond to an RFI or an RFP? Find out in this three-minute video.

Check your contracts with Yara

Do you have one or more contracts with Yara? Watch this two-minute video to learn how to get an overview at any time.

Download the CMS guides

Download these PDFs for instructions on using the Contract Management System.

The benefits of Yara's CMS

office workers, two women, one man
office workers, two women, one man

Streamlined sourcing and contracting

  • Answer RFIs and RFPs  directly
  • Reuse company data in new RFPs
  • Electronic storage and powerful search means you never lose track of on-going or archived RFPs, RFIs and contracts

Staying in touch

  • All message exchanges are stored, including archived messages relating to a specific sourcing event or contract
  • Controlled process, notification and automated tracking
  • Access help desk support, both online and by phone


  • Access the tool via the web - anywhere and anytime
  • Get started easily and quickly with this intuitive tool
  • Find help in online training documentation